The Pentel AM13 mechanical pencil combines the advantages of a mechanical pencil with the broad line width typical in pencils for the skilled trades, including carpentry. Pencil users can rely on a precise, wide and easily visible mark at all times, without needing to waste time sharpening the lead. The sliding sleeve is long and stable to ensure easy use with a straight edge or stencil, with the pencil tip and writing surface both staying in view to ensure optimal marking results. After use, the lead can be retracted into the mechanical pencil shaft to protect it from being accidentally snapped off. The Pentel AM13 mechanical pencil is the perfect tool for everyone – from home users to professionals.

Thanks to its extra-wide line width of 1.3 mm, the mechanical pencil is ideal for projects involving wood, concrete and ceramics: any marks or notes are precise and easily visible, but not permanent. The Pentel AM13 mechanical pencil also handles conventional writing and drawing tasks with ease.  Easy to work with and equipped with handy features such as a non-slip, latex-free grip zone, an eraser with a cap and a metal clip, the AM13 is an all-rounder that’s just as capable for day-to-day use as it is for high-precision work with a ruler or stencil.

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