Permanent markers in the Pentel Pen range are high-quality all-rounders and handy day-to-day helpers for a wide range of marking and labelling tasks. The rugged marker tip is extremely hardwearing and robust, even when used on rough surfaces. The permanent markers feature an aluminium barrel in a handy, traditional marker format, making them easy and comfortable to hold for any user. The barrel is also sturdy enough for use in machine tools. Thanks to these features, the robust and long-lasting Pentel Pen is the perfect choice for day-to-day marking and labelling jobs.

Offering impressive reliability and quality, the permanent markers in the Pentel Pen series have been part of the Pentel product range for over 50 years. The permanent ink in these pens is usable on a wide range of materials, including glass, metal, wood and plastics, and is suitable for use even in harsh environments. Pentel Pens are the no-nonsense pen for universal use – from the workshop to the office, machine shop or industrial production line.


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