The Pentel Pen permanent markers are high-quality all-rounders and handy day-to-day helpers for a wide range of marking and labelling tasks. The rugged marker tips are extremely hard-wearing and robust, even when used on rough surfaces. The sturdy aluminium barrel is strong enough to be clamped in machine tools. Thanks to these features, the robust and long-lasting Pentel Pen is the perfect choice for all jobs where high performance and reliability are required.


The Pentel Pen N50S permanent marker features an extra-fine bullet tip, making it ideal for the precise marking and labelling of parts with a fine line width – whether in skilled trades or for DIY and hobby projects.

The Pentel Pen N50XL permanent marker is equipped with an extra-wide chisel tip that is perfect for any job where marking needs to cover a large area and be especially easy to see. Applications for the Pentel Pen N50XL include permanent marking and labelling on signs and felled or stored timber, as well as highly visible marking work in warehousing and logistics operations.


The permanent ink used in both the Pentel Pen N50S and Pentel Pen N50XL is fast-drying, waterproof, and resistant to many solvents and oils. The ink is ideal for use even on oily, dusty, wet or dirty surfaces, as well as on a wide range of materials that include glass, metal, wood and plastics.

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