The Pentel Twin Tip permanent marker is an all-purpose marker that is especially suited for use on plastics. The first of the two tips of the Pentel Twin Tip is a fine tip with a slight spring action that lets users apply more pressure to switch from an extra-fine to fine line during marking work. The medium-sized fibre tip on the other end of the pen provides a thicker line width when precision is less important. Marking produced by the Pentel Twin Tip permanent marker is exceptionally smudge-proof and waterproof, and permanent not only on many plastics but also on a wide range of other surfaces and materials in the home, such as glass, metal and wood.

With its handy standard size as well as practical cap and clip, this permanent marker is the go-to pen for day-to-day jobs needing durable marking or labelling. The ideal all-rounder marker for building services and plumbing work, it’s also a versatile and useful tool for all tradespeople and DIY fans when working around the home.

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