The Pentel Liquid Glass and Chalk Marker  is a wet erase marker for use on any smooth and sealed surface. After pumping the pen to prime it, the liquid ink inside can be used to write on most glass surfaces and other smooth surfaces, such as mirrors, or conventional slate boards. After application, the high-opacity, water-based ink produces an effect similar to liquid chalk, which allows special effects to be created by the user. Once dry, the ink is weatherproof on glass. The Wet Erase is a marker for temporary marking and can be removed without leaving any residue.

The Pentel Liquid Glass and Chalk Marker  has two tip styles in one – , each end featuring a tough fibre tip: by simply flipping the tip  around, the bullet tip can be switched over to a chisel tip. Ideal for use on glass (e.g. for car showrooms or glass repair services), for customer announcements and decorative applications in retail (e.g. shop window use), in hotels and restaurants (e.g. menu boards) and DIY projects (e.g. creative work on windows or glass objects).

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