The compact Pentel X100W paint marker features a permanent ink that is fast-drying and does not dissolve. This high-opacity and high-visibility white ink means the marker can be used even on oily, wet or dirty surfaces. Developed specially for industrial use, this pigmented ink is smudge-proof, waterproof, lightfast and resistant to many types of solvent, making it perfect for permanent marking. Thanks to these properties, the marker is a reliable choice for quick marking tasks on a wide variety of non-porous surfaces.


With its rugged, wide-body aluminium barrel, the marker is noticeably shorter and thicker than other markers. With this extra-shortened format, the marker is easy to grip with bulky work gloves or in a closed fist and usable even in hard-to-reach areas. It’s also easy to tuck away in any trouser or jacket pocket. The barrel is sturdy enough to be held in machine tools without buckling. Together, these properties extend the marker’s lifetime, making it a handy and indispensable tool for use in construction, skilled trades or industrial applications.

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